Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giant Puff Balls

Giant Puffballs are on the loose in Ohio right now.  I was walking through the woods and thought someone had dropped a load full of cantaloupe.  I love cantaloupe, so I investigated and found instead this giant, edible mushroom.  You do not seem to be ooo-ing or aaaawww-ing.  Let me see if I can get you a closer look.

Now then--aren't you impressed?!  They were bigger than my head, which is apparently quite large if the "large" hats (that do not fit) that I've been crocheting are any indicator.  Giant puffballs are edible before the spores form, so you can cook them up for dinner.  Puffball pizza might be just the thing.  

Just wanted to share the excitement from the Ohio woods.